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Estate Planning Questionnaire

Have you or your spouse ever executed a Will?
Have you or your spouse ever created a trust?
Are you or your spouse the beneficiary of a trust?
Do you or your spouse have a power of appointment under someone else's Will or Trust?
Most People want to provide for their spouse and then for their children. Is this the basic pattern that you and your spouse wish to follow?
Do you and your spouse have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement?
If you or your spouse has been divorced, are there any relevant property or settlements agreements?
Does any child or other beneficiary need special consideration due to a disability or unusual circumstances?
Are there any children from a prior marriage to be considered?
Do you or your spouse wish to make specific gifts of property?
Do you or your spouse wish to make specific cash gifts?


Initial Executor under Will
Successor Trustee under Trust
Initial Property Power of Attorney Agent
Initial Health Care Power of Attorney Agent


Is the value of your estate when considering, your property, checking and savings accounts, 401k, IRA, other retirement accounts, life insurance death benefit, personal property, and any other asset you own, near $4 mllion today?
What about by the time you expect to retire?

This is the end of the Estate Planning Questionnaire. Please ensure all of the information you have entered is correct. If there are any additional documents or files you feel should be shared, please upload them below. Otherwise, please click submit to complete your Questionnaire.

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