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Probate (Decedent’s Estate) is an in-court process to determine the distribution of a person’s assets at death.  Not every asset will qualify for probate.  The probate process is different depending on whether a person dies with or without a will.  What does this mean? Probate can be complicated.

Our attorneys have the experience necessary to simplify probate.  They are able to help you identify what assets are and are not subject to probate. To make this determination, our attorneys partner with our clients to identify all a decedent’s assets, including real property.

If assets are subject to probate, our attorneys will counsel the estate’s representative(s) on his/her/their role when an asset is probated in court.  Our attorneys explain each step of the probate process and, in court will advocate for a determination of the validity of estate planning documents and a just distribution of assets.

Probate can be an expensive and drawn-out process, especially for executors and beneficiaries who may find themselves involved in probate matters lasting one to two years.


Our attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals avoid probate by:

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